Non-small business vendors with a GSA contract must include a small business outsourcing plan in their GSA contract. Depending on the type of small business plan selected by the company and approved by the Office of the Use of Disadvantaged Small Businesses (OSDBU), reporting requirements vary. A Schedule GSA BPA is an agreement entered into by a client with a Schedule GSA contractor to meet repetitive requirements for supplies or services (FAR 8.405-3). It simplifies the process for recurring requests while leveraging a customer`s purchasing power by taking advantage of volume discounts, saving administrative time, and reducing paperwork. A big difference between selling your products and services through a GSA contract and selling it commercially is that when selling through a GSA contract, the terms were previously agreed as part of the GSA Schedule acquisition process. The Terms and Conditions Agreement simplifies the procurement process for the various federal agencies of the government. Let`s go a little further. GSA Annex Contracts are long-term contracts with the General Services Administration`s Multiple Allocation Program (MAS) that allow all federal organizations to purchase from you in an optimized manner. The time it takes to get a contract from the GSA Annex is divided into two parts: 1) prepare your bid and 2) review your bid by the GSA and negotiate your bid. If you decide to prepare a proposal yourself, it can take from a few months to more than a year. Once your proposal has been submitted to the GSA, the review time will depend on the GSA calendar category you are following. Review times vary from approximately three to four months for the IT Large category to more than one year for the Furniture and Security categories.

These contracts include valuePoint from the National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO), the Cooperative Purchasing Network (TCPN) and the National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (NCPA). However, these contracts are awarded through competitive bidding and do not allow you to sell directly to federal agencies. These focus on state and local governments, higher education, and school districts. Keep in mind that the GSA Schedule proposal that your company prepares and negotiates serves as the basis for future government sales and promotes your ability to compete with other GSA Schedule contractors. A GSA consultant can help you successfully position your contract for the potential 20-year contract term. The reason for this is that the two most important decisions that the GSA will make when reviewing a company`s offer are overall financial capability and performance. The GSA reviews the companies` past performance as well as their ability to perform tasks/fulfill required orders after the contract is awarded. However, if you are a small IT company, you may be eligible for the IT Springboard program.

With the rapid advent of new technologies, GSA aims to bring the latest technologies to federal agencies faster. This program allows companies with less than two (2) years of experience to submit proposals for a GSA MAS contract. Are your competitors there? How many companies does GSA already have under contract in your market? You must complete an assessment. The GSA Schedules program has many benefits for potential entrepreneurs, but it is important to do a cost-benefit analysis before entering the federal market. 3. Option for a 20-year contract if all options are exercised GSE can help your company increase revenue and speed up your company`s schedule to the success of government contracts through a GSA calendar contract. One method used by the GSA is to set pre-negotiated maximum rates for each product and service for the duration of the contract. With pre-negotiated maximum rates, prices have already been set as fair and reasonable according to state standards. This makes it easier to conquer government affairs, as authorities no longer have to go through the process to determine if prices are competitive in the government market.

A GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract is often the first step a company looking to enter the federal market will take to establish itself as a valuable government partner and increase its presence in the public sector. Entrepreneurs can sell almost anything through the GSA Schedules program, making it attractive to a variety of industries. Entrepreneurs can sell everything from building materials, furniture and medical tools and cloud services to cybersecurity and cutting-edge information technology (IT). Entrepreneurs can also sell their services, including professional, technical and advisory services. Awarding a GSA MAS contract can be mutually beneficial both for a company`s growth and for the government`s ability to purchase a high volume of high-quality, low-cost goods and services. Sellers who have received a GSA contract could have this contract for up to 20 years if all option periods are included. Newly awarded GSA contractors will receive their first term within a five-year base period, and as long as they successfully sell their GSA schedule, sellers are entitled to exercise up to three additional option periods, each with five-year terms. Sellers are required to track and report MAS GSA sales and transfer Industrial Finance Fee (FRF) for all sales made under their MAS contract. The frequency of IFF reports and transfers depends on how the MAS contract is awarded. Orders placed under TDR report revenue on a monthly basis and have the option to transfer IFF payments on a monthly or quarterly basis. Non-TDR contracts report sales and pay the FIF quarterly.

It is crucial for sellers to have an effective system that allows for consistent tracking and reporting of sales to avoid over- or under-reporting of sales, resulting in overpayment or underpayment of payment fees. A GSA MAS contract is not suitable for all companies, so it is important to conduct a thorough assessment before devoting time and resources to the project. However, once your business has determined that a GSA schedule is a good fit, it can be an effective tool to increase your government sales. Acquiring a GSA MAS contract does not guarantee government sales, but it can be a valuable contractual way for companies to tap into the federal market and increase sales. Assessing costs, benefits, and opportunities is an important step in determining whether a GSA MAS contract is right for you. A GSA contract is also a government-wide contract, which means you can sell to any federal agency. Without this contract, you would have to bid separately with the agencies and negotiate with them. GSA contractors are required to comply with and comply with these federal regulations throughout the term of the contract.

At least once every five-year period, GSA contractors are subject to a contractual assessment by their IOA. Numerous cases of non-compliance with MAS requirements could eventually lead to the withdrawal of the seller`s contract. To maintain compliance and avoid the risk of losing a MAS contract, sellers should be aware of the following: The GSA Schedules program also has a “members-only” government opportunity board. The published opportunities come from government agencies that specifically seek procurement from Annex GSA contract holders. These options are usually published every three to seven days. Compared to the months it takes to source from the open market, these GSA calendar capabilities are very beneficial. In addition, federal buyers often prefer to open up opportunities through GSA eBuy – which can only be accessed by GSA sellers – because this method always meets the agency`s procurement requirements for fair competition without having to open up to all federal contractors and filter out a large number of responses that typically occur when publishing an opportunity on After awarding a GSA MAS contract, you have access to platforms such as GSA eLibrary, GSA Advantage!®, GSA eBuy and many others. The first step to bringing your business to the top of GSA entrepreneurs is to upload your GSA price list to the eLibrary with advertising language and design, which will make you stand out from the crowd.